Emerging Fashion and Textile Designer



My name is Yanny and this is my story…


I am a storyteller of the social and cultural experiences taking place globally in the twenty first century. Based in Sydney, my practice encompasses a hybrid merging of personal and collective experiences, in particular cross-cultural life. 


The embodiment of contemporary world issues  gives power and a voice to narratives that are often lost.in addition to representing cultural stories in a new light. 



By evoking the emotions of historic and cultural bodies, silhouettes can reframe the female body with contemporary ideologies of liberty, moving away from restrictive forms and dialects of how the body should be. This is visualised through feelings of freedom through forms, and to ignite a sense of movement and a lively spirit. 


My process involves a textile lead process of juxtaposing contrasting visuals, often with a graphic sensibility through an exploration of photography, collage, line, shape, print and colour. 





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